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Legend of the Unlikely Hero

No one thought much of him. He was ordinary, small, nothing special.
But he was determined -and that was all that mattered.
Through training, trials, tribulation, the refinement and molding began. The hunk of raw material within slowly found its shape. There was nothing easy about his journey, but he kept pushing forward, through the pain, the defeat and the grief. His goal was worth it.

After some time, he became known not as small and ordinary. He had proven himself and no one could deny the strength and ability they saw before them. He had become the Unlikely Hero. Slayer of “Can’t,” “Never” and “Impossible.”
And more than proving it to others, he proved it to himself.
And that’s all that really mattered.


Created from found metal, forged by hand by a young blacksmith, these functional jewelry and home goods are a statement. It’s for those going through struggles, those who’ve conquered a fear, those who have risen above -or someone who needs to see that others believe in them and their potential.

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Like the phoenix, these products a second life. They’ve been redeemed. From discarded metal to wearable and useful art.

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KingSmithIron provides hand forged creations from Zaccai King, self-taught blacksmith dedicated to keeping the art alive. 90% of the proceeds go to raising scholarship funds for his higher education and 10% goes to The Eden Projects, an international reforestation charity that restores the land and helps their communities thrive.

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One thought on “Home

    Jane E Chapman said:
    May 19, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Powerful. Creative. Resourceful.


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